27 March 2022


Read this before starting your home renovations

For homeowners in Singapore, be it HDB or condo, first timer or seasoned buyer, renovations always require consideration and can be a hefty outlay in time and money. Here are some recommendations by Interior Diary for homeowners renovating their properties in Singapore.


Understand the Rules and Regulations:

Homeowners should understand the rules and regulations surrounding renovation projects in Singapore. They should familiarize themselves with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) regulations, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) guidelines, and any other relevant regulations.

Plan Your Budget:

Before starting a renovation project, plan your budget carefully. This includes the cost of materials, labor, and any unforeseen expenses that may arise during the renovation process. Another potential outlay might be the need for a temporary rental apartment in case renovations get delayed (such as during Covid when manpower shortages hit the entire industry).

Choose a Reliable Contractor:

Getting the wrong ID on board can be a potential disaster, both financially and mentally.

For your safety, you should choose a reliable and reputable contractor for your renovation project. Do your due diligence and research the contractor's credentials, reputation, and past work before hiring them.

Check whether your ID is listed on the HDB website as licenced contractor here. (we are listed as LIQUID CONSTRUCTION PTE. LTD.)

Obtain Necessary Permits:

Homeowners must obtain the necessary permits before starting any renovation work. Depending on the scope of the renovation, permits may be required from the BCA or the URA. Here is where working with a HDB licensed contractor will help and give you peace of mind.

Consider the Timeline:

If you are doing a major renovation that involves plenty of flooring and painting, chances are you will need to move out of your home temporarily. Homeowners should therefore consider the timeline of the renovation project, including the start and end dates, to ensure that the project is completed within a reasonable timeframe.

Communicate with Neighbors:

It's a running joke that renovations are a main cause of sleeplessness in Singapore. Do inform your neighbors before starting any renovation work, particularly because the renovation may cause noise or disruption.

Understand Your Property's Limitations:

Homeowners should understand their property's limitations, such as structural limitations, electrical capacity, and plumbing limitations, before starting any renovation work. This ties in with HDB guidelines as violating them could mean a costly fee of up to a few thousand dollars to rectify any issues.

Some guidelines that Singaporean homeowners may not know, according to an article by DollarsAndSense, include:

1 Empty areas should remain empty i.e. mezzanine structures are not allowed,

2 Purchasing the recess area outside your flat (under certain conditions),

3 Creating a jumbo flat by buying or converting the adjoining 3-room flat,

4 Replacing main entrance door and doors within your unit,

5 Replacing floor finishes and elevating the height,

6 Removing toilet wall finishes and enlarging the bathroom.

7 Food Waste Grinders Are Not Permitted.


Potentially, homeowners can save at least $20,000 in renovation costs in Singapore by taking note of the things mentioned above.

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