Renovation Tips

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  • Renovation Preparation

Start planning your renovation minimum 3 months before collecting your house keys. First, do some research on a suitable interior design concept that you like. After which, figure out a budget that you would be comfortable with. It is recommended that you look for suitable Interior Designer to assist you with the renovation planning and execution. Do prepare a floor plan for the ID to work with. Inform ID on your expected renovation time frame (Usually 6 – 8 weeks upon commencement of renovation; more time maybe needed during peak seasons like year-end and CNY period).

Upon key collection, remember to apply utilities with SP services and do defect checking around the newly acquired house. After defects have been rectified by developer, you can proceed to start renovation and prepare A Journey to your Dream Home.

During renovation, there may be many workers coming in and out of your house. Remember not to leave any valuable items lying around. Trust your ID to provide you with timely updates on your renovation. Inform your ID if you find anything unsatisfactory or defective.

After all the work done, remember to do a final check. Take down all the defects and inform the ID at once. This will help in rectification of the defects more efficiently.

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  • When it comes to quality

Never compromise on quality in an attempt to save your coin. Some external sources may charge less but it’s tough to ensure the quality of work, and any inferior work may end up costing more to resolve. Always remember, when it comes to renovation, lowest prices isn’t always the best.

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  • To Hack or Not To Hack?

Changing a home’s configuration is a big decision that often involves the costly act of demolishing certain walls. However, this move has the potential to dramatically improve the look and feel of the space. Do consider carefully whether a partitioned area is really needed in future before bringing down that wall. For future sale of property, this might be a deterrent.

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  • Why built-in cabinets instead of buying free-standing ones off the shelf?

Building units into space will be the most efficient way of maximising the storage available in an area. In terms of design and colour theme, built-in cabinet can also have wide variety of textures and colours to choose from. Custom built-in cabinets is also based on individual specifications for size, styles, material and finish.